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GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Our Trucks Are Furnished With Satellite Tracking Systems

As part of Vision’s continuous improvement efforts, we made the investment in a state-of-the-art, satellite tracking system for the entire F1 fleet. This has allowed us intergradations through on-board computing technology and value added wireless data solutions. As a result, we have seen additional benefits with the automated Hours of Service module of this technology, which has streamlined the role of our drivers. With these efficiencies in place, more attention can be placed on what matters most to out customers – reliability and communication of information, and not the administrative side of the business. This is better for Vision and even more beneficial for our customers.

As a result, our dispatch team is now more effective and efficient when communicating with drivers. We are able to update customers faster with more accurate ETA’s and confirm when our drivers have been loaded and unloaded.


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Vision GPS Tractor Monitoring

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