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Excess Value: Carrier's maximum cargo liability per shipment is $100,000. For those shipments valued in excess of $100,000, Carrier is not liable to pay for a greater proportion of liability for loss or damage than $100,000 bears to 100% of the value of the goods unless additional insurance is requested in writing at the time pricing is requested.

Detention of carrier's vehicle without power: Where the carrier and customer have agreed to spot equipment for loading or unloading, there will be 30 minutes free time for driver detention. After expiration of free time a charge of
$60.00 per hour will be assessed in 15 minutes increments.

Equipment detention:

Origin free time
Day of drop plus two (2) free days
Chargeable days (beyond free time)
Day 1 - 3 $30.00 per day
Day 4 - 8 $60.00 per day
Day 9 + $125.00 per day
Destination free time
Day of notification plus one (1) free days
Chargeable days (beyond free time)
Day 1 - 3 $30.00 per day
Day 4 - 8 $60.00 per day
Day 9 + $125.00 per day

Switching: When driver is required to double drop or perform switching, a charge of $75.00 per hour will apply with a 1 hour minimum.

Rail storage: For deliveries, free time will start when notification is given by phone, fax or e-mail to receiving personnel or contact provided, that the load is available. Free time is one (1) calendar day. When notification is given after 12:00 pm, free time will commence the following day. Charges will be assessed at $150.00 per day upon expiration of free time. Trailer detention and ramp storage are chargeable simultaneously.

Schedule appointments: If vehicle is not available at destination ramp, appointment will then be reset for the earliest available date and time. Carrier will allow two (2) extra free days for storage and trailer detention after original appointment, then normal rail storage and trailer detention charges will apply as mentioned above.

Detention of carrier's vehicle with power: For pick up and deliveries, free time will start at the later: (a) time driver signs in to signify his availability or (b) the schedule appointment time. Free time is one (1) hour, unless specified differently in writing, charges applicable after the expiration of free time will be assessed at $80.00 per hour, in 15 minutes increments.

Driver assist loading or unloading: When carrier is required as requested by shippers or consignee to assist in loading or unloading, tailgating, throwing pallets or driver count, a charge of $75.00 per hour will apply with a minimum of two (2) hours and no free time. Lumpers furnished upon request will be charged at market price + a com check fee if applicable.

Stop Charges: The charge for each pick-up and drop-off to partially load and unload, exclusive of stops at point of origin and destination is $75.00 for the first three (3) stops, plus any out of route miles. Free time will be one (1) hour
per stop.

Reconsignment: Carrier is not obligated to divert/reconsign a shipment after commencing pick-up but will do so on a best effort basis subject to a $125.00 reconsignment fee plus any additional cost associated with the reconsignment.

Equipment ordered and not used: No charge will be assessed prior to driver dispatch. After dispatch (driver in route) a minimum charge of $350.00 or actual dray charge from the ramp, whichever is greater, will be assessed.

Governing Publications: Shipments must be stowed, blocked and braced to A.A.R. and S.T.B. regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the shippers to see to it that the A.A.R. and S.T.B. regulations are adhere to unless agreed to in writing differently and sign off by all parties involved. All shipments transported are subject to the terms of the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading (49CFR1035) and should not exceed the maximum weight of 43,000 pounds without other prior written arrangements.

Dunnage: Removal of dunnage is the responsibility of the consignee.

Paperwork requirements: If a Bill of Lading or P.O.D. attached to the invoice is required, an additional $10.00 charge per shipment will apply. POD's are available within 48hr of delivery free of charge at

Claims: Rates include the assistance in inspecting and processing carrier freight loss and damage claims if requested.

Credit: All rates are quoted in US funds payable in 21 days from the date of shipment.

Application of rates: Rates are based on non-hazardous materials and do not include in-bond services unless specified in writing.

All rate quotations are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. If the rate has not been used in 30 days from the date of issuance or if 30 days has commence since the last shipment, the rate will need to be verified in order to be honored. If the rate quote varies from any other communications, verbal or written, the rate quote shall govern.

All rate quotes are based on equipment availability.

Fuel Surcharge: All rates are subject to fuel surcharge.

Tender of Shipment: Serves as an agreement of above rules in lieu of a signature.

Carriers hired: Accept all shipments as shipper load, count and seal and consignee unload without prior written arrangements.

Mexican moves: If a Mexican portion is included, Vision does not offer nor does assume responsibility for cargo coverage in Mexico.

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