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Vision Subaru Testimonial

Subaru Canada has been utilizing the many services offered by Vision Transportation for over 20 years, such as transportation to and from the United States, domestic transportation, 3rd party storage, port program assistance as well as the receipt/storage/picking and shipping of our winter wheel program across the country.  Their reliability, flexibility and dedication are some of the reasons why we have enjoyed such a rewarding working relationship for so many years.

What sets Vision Transportation apart from their competitors is in their name, “VISION”.  From my experience while working with their team, they have developed new services based on the needs of their clients which was determined through their communication, knowledge of the industry as well as their willingness to adapt or take chances.

As Subaru has been experiencing significant growth, we have been fortunate to have partners such as Vision Transportation to assist us with the many challenges associated with such tremendous growth and I would highly recommend them to any company looking for a professional approach to their logistics requirements.


Nathan Critch

Nathan Critch
Warehouse Manager
Subaru Canada, Inc.


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