May 30, 2018

Capacity Crunch

The trucking industry is continuing to grow year over year, as consumers are choosing to purchase products online and companies are integrating e-commerce solutions into their offerings. With over 10.5 billion tons of freight shipped annually by truck throughout North America, capacity is becoming a growing concern for shippers and receivers, especially due to the increasing driver shortage. When truck capacity constraint increases due to the high demand of these products, companies look for solutions that will not only contribute to their bottom line but deliver products where they need to be, quickly and effortlessly.


Major companies who have capitalized on e-commerce solutions in the past are now forced to increase wages to attract drivers in an effort to reduce the effects of this growing capacity crunch in 2018. Without consistent capacity throughout the year to keep the supply chain moving, revenue and business growth are impacted and the customer’s dependency on available shipping solutions, skewed.


Vision Transportation has mitigated customer concerns by crafting and implementing an Intermodal Solution that incorporates rail systems to transport freight. This solution allows for an increase in capacity while maintaining reasonable rates, no matter what season customers are shipping their products. With extensive rail systems spanning North America and the infrastructure already in place to manage the transportation of products and goods, it is just one more way that we are making use of what is available to the industry, for the benefit of everyone involved.


We have eased our customers’ capacity crunches during surges in demand at various times of the year, allowing products to be stored and shipped seamlessly despite these challenges. 2018 is said to be the year that the transportation industry will have to address and resolve this decrease in capacity. We are proud to be able to provide solutions in mitigating the challenges that this industry is facing and showcasing the potential of what this sector could look like in years to come.


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