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With our locations in Brampton and Belleville, Ontario, Vision is ready to service your distribution needs! Since 1995, Vision has been servicing our clients with consolidation and distribution programs including, warehousing and intermodal services.

Vision was built on our belief that service is paramount to anything else. Our dedicated team works hard to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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Here’s a sample of what our Vision team can do for you:

  • LTL/TL across North America
  • Full Customer Service Track & Trace
  • 24/7 Dispatch
  • Warehouse & Cross Dock
  • Quick Rate Response
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  • Where can a logistics provider save your company money over a common carrier?


    A Logistics provider offers competitive rates on loads 1000 lbs to truckload, faster transit times and less handling.


  • What makes logistics providers more flexible over common carriers?


    Logistics providers have a wide variety of carriers available which gives them much more flexibility. Their ability to draw from an unlimited number of carriers increases overall service performance.


  • How can logistics providers reduce damage claims on your shipments?


    Common carriers have depots, service corridors and hubs to consolidate and deconsolidate your shipments. On average, a shipment may be handled 3-6 times with a common carrier. A logistics provider reduces damage by minimizing the amount of handling. In many instances, a load broker will arrange for the same truck to pick up and deliver your shipment to destination.


  • What is the difference between a logistics provider and a common carrier?


    Logistics providers are much more flexible as they are not limited by equipment owned which means that the access to carriers is unlimited. They provide customers with transportation rates that are based on the space used on trailers versus common carriers who sell their service based on commodity-based tariffs.


  • How can logistics providers reduce transit time over mid to large size common carriers?


    In most instances, shipments move directly from your company to the final destination avoiding transportation hubs, freight terminals, and cross-docking. Logistics providers reduce transit time by servicing all points direct thus avoiding 3-line hauls.


  • What is Consolidation & Deconsolidation?


    Consolidation is where a carrier or logistics company builds LTL shipments into a full load to a certain area. For example, instead of shipping 2 skids to the West Coast, we can consolidate to a truckload with other deliveries in it. 

    Deconsolidation is the process of separating the contents of a consolidated shipment into individual shipments. Some clients bring in full truckloads destined to other customers. We can bring in these loads to a dock, unload and reship to the various customers.

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