May 30, 2018

Expedited LTL Intermodal to Western Canada


Currently, customers have two options; move products by truck and invest more money into the shipment of the freight itself, or move products by traditional intermodal solutions and experience long transit times, ultimately increasing the overall cost.

The challenge that distributors face, is being able to offer a service that provides fast shipping, without inflation in price. Customers can either increase their spend to ensure quick transportation, or save money but face an increase in shipping time. The goal is to find a middle ground.

Vision Transportation has created an Expedited LTL Service to Western Canada that meets the needs of companies both large and small. Through utilizing Canada’s extensive rail system, companies can ship products quickly without suffering their return on investment.

Our Expedited LTL Intermodal Solution enables our customers to have more control over the distribution of freight while enjoying the benefit of additional savings in both time and cost.


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