November 21, 2019

Achieving the Highest Standards for our Customers

Achieving the Highest Standards for our Customers

Vision goes above and beyond to ensure our customer service is top of the line for you and your customers. Our new Belleville facility will come equipped with vertical storing dock levelers, called “Blue Giant Vertical Loading Dock Levelers”.


Benefits of Vertical Loading Dock Levers

     There are several reasons why we chose to have this addition for our warehouse build. They are easier to keep clean, increase worker safety, and improve the seal of dock doors. Having vertical doors allows for easy access to clean the pit below, which is crucial for maintain food safety. They also create a barrier between the dock and the forklift area, minimizing accidents by preventing dock trucks from getting caught in between. Vertical levelers allow the overhead door to remain closed and tightly sealed, important for food grade facilities and to reduce food contamination risks.


     Vertical levelers are easier to maintain than their horizontal counterparts and allow for more efficient trailer docking. We will have easy access to the parts within the leveler, making it quicker to examine and repair any issues which provides a more structured flow within the dock.


     With a pit leveler, the driver must exit the vehicle and open the trailer before being able to back into the door. This exposes the contents within the trailer to weather, airborne contaminants, insects and birds. A vertically stored leveler allows the driver to remain in the vehicle and simply back into the door. A dock attendant can then open the trailer from inside the warehouse at a later time, leaving the trailer sealed and safe, a much more efficient process.