January 11, 2019

The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

In the Transportation Industry we are facing a steady supply of challenges; booking and dispatching loads, tracking carriers, running reports. It’s a 24/7 operation in a world that waits for no one and time is money. We devote our time and energy all year round to ensuring a smooth process of planning, controlling and implementing procedures for the effective and efficient storage and transportation of goods. In many ways we are supporting our community, but giving back to the community takes a little extra work. The decision to give back is not one that will help our company grow, nor will it increase our gross profit. It is one, however, that helps our employees to grow. Making a change for the better in someone else’s life, whether it be significant or small is one of the most rewarding experiences.

We found a local organization called Toys for Tots in Association with Peel Police, Salvation Army and Canadian Tire. They are a campaign aimed to purchase new toys for underprivileged children within the community of Peel Region. We first partnered with Toys for Tots in 2017 and were astounded at the level of support we received from employees. Our staff raised a total of $1,350 and with that, purchased 399 toys.

With a hefty goal of 800 toys this year, our team is very proud to say that we have surpassed our goal and collected 824 toys!

Our Team in Belleville has been busy with their community as well! This year they chose 2 Non-Profit organizations that are close to their homes and hearts. A generous donation of food items was picked up by Gleaners Foodbank (Quinte) Inc., and a benevolent assortment of toys were donated to the Belleville Fire Department Toy Drive.

We share the belief that, “Our vision is a community that is hungry no more.”