July 10, 2018

The ‘Plane’ Truth About Lean Team Building Workshops

Lean Team Building Workshop

Recently Vision completed an exercise of building airplanes in an assembly line out of Lego. The purpose of the exercise was to recognize and equate backlogs in the assembly line and how the outcome could affect our daily workload.

In timed exercises each station or employee had a specific task along the assembly line. After the time was complete the number of completed airplanes as well as the airplanes still in production were counted. During the exercise small changes in the assembly line were made and the results were tabulated with some surprising results. By simply making small changes to various processes in the assembly line, the work flow improved, productivity increased, and stress levels decreased.

You could imagine how this could translate and affect our daily work by making small changes to improve our work flows with in a group or the entire organization.

As it relates to our business in logistics, our goal is to streamline the huge amounts of paper we push every day, better maximize our warehouses, and optimize our trucks. The end result will enable us to better service our Customers.

When the play ends, the real work begins! From working as a team to breaking down our daily processes and struggles, we progressed together by leveling workloads and improving our communication.

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