May 30, 2018

Retail Program: Winter Rims

Every summer, like clockwork, auto manufacturers begin the daunting task of distributing winter rims to their dealer network. Containers start arriving from overseas, filled with thousands of winter rims to be sold in the Canadian market for the upcoming winter season, but remain in storage as buyers choose to refrain from investing in these products at this time. While an influx of product is a good problem to have, it can create a whole new challenge for logistics companies and dealers themselves.

The inpouring of winter rims creates a considerable spike in inventory volumes, which has to be sourced internally for warehouse space, staffing, and managing of the entire distribution process for the dealer network.

Vision Transportation understands the importance of establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting the storage of inventory in warehouses, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that product is distributed efficiently and in accordance with the customers’ needs. Vision Transportation recognizes the complexities of the logistics industry and how it can impact the bottom line for any business involved. Through applying their expertise and over twenty years of experience, Vision successfully coordinates orders with dealers, arranges shipments and manages communications to head offices, to ensure a seamless warehousing and distribution process that remains beneficial for the client.

Vision Transportation is proud to own and operate over 400,000 square feet of combined warehouse space from our Belleville and Brampton locations, for short-term and long-term storage needs. Our Remote Warehousing Management Program, designed to monitor quality control, also assists in providing detailed real-time reports, ensuring the optimal distribution and management of products.


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