May 30, 2018

Intermodal Hybrid: West Coast, A Better Way

The logistics industry has always been one of change, which is expected as they are called upon to adapt to political and social influences every single day. Globalization, environmental concerns, and advances in technology are just a few factors that directly impact the industry, causing companies to have to adapt or be left behind. With consumers setting high expectations in the logistics sector to deliver products and goods when they are needed most, trucking companies need to continue to devise solutions that will increase demand and exceed expectation.

It is becoming more challenging to locate truck availability with an increased capacity in transporting products to the west coast of the United States and Canada, at a reasonable and consistent rate. Due to an increase in costs, a shortage in drivers, and the implementation of the ELD mandate increasing transit times, truck capacity constraints have forced customers to look for alternatives in shipping freight to meet the demands of their clients.

Vision Transportation offers a unique solution to the west coast that combines the optimal performance of over-the-road transportation with the economics of rail. By combining both, Vision can reduce shipping costs while providing high-level service and exceeding customer expectations.

By utilizing our unique Intermodal Hybrid shipping solutions, our customers can ship freight in a comparable timeframe to that of the speed of a truck, with the cost savings of rail. Vision Transportation understands that every company is unique and will tailor a solution to fit your diverse transportation needs.

Through utilizing transportation systems, such as rail, that has already been made available and has worked to transport products for years, we can continue our work and maintain consumer expectations despite the current obstacles facing the industry. As 2018 unfolds and businesses adapt to the changing climate of this sector, current best practices that have successfully worked for years will need to evolve as well.

Integrate your current offering with our Intermodal Hybrid solution, and transport freight where it needs to go, all at the same speed but less cost. Contact us to learn more!



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